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Transcript of a long but good talk about things going wrong with data ownership and privacy on the web and what we could do about it.

Laatst de tank wel heel leeg gereden. Nog nooit zoveel in de tank…

Instagram post by SyncAddict • Apr 22, 2017 at 2:49pm UTC

0 Likes, 1 Comments - SyncAddict (@syncaddict) on Instagram: “Laatst de tank wel heel leeg gereden. Nog nooit zoveel in de tank gekregen. #ocd”

Cleaned and checked our little boats today, ready for some water fun soon :) #sailing #boat #water #sports

what happen?
somebody set up us the hashtag
we get toot
what !
main timeline …

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sapient software. #nobot pls.

metbril eelco Elried https://

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Doing online stuff since 1992. Anthropologist by training. Service design, ux, Drupal, Linux.

metbril eelco Here in Japan, it is a religious symbol used for shrines or temples.

So the feeling towards it is p…

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metbril I would assume it is something to do with character encoding. Also, the symbol predates the German NAZIs a…

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It seems the latest MacOS update contains a regression braking unlocking by Touch ID for me. …
Tobias 3 dagen geleden
can you configure IFTTT in a way to not cur your notices? Friendica really has no problem at all to include some 500 characters that Mastodon has set as limit for the character length.

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Next weekend the weather will hopefully improve to allow some water sports. So this weekend I…

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Grote politieinzet bij Champs-Élysées: 'agent beschoten' …

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Officieuze NOS Nieuws Bot

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Agent doodgeschoten op Champs-Elysées, schutter gedood …

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My wife is looking at puppy photos all the time. I think we might get a new family member soo…

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Geen idee waar ik al die japanse volgers aan te danken heb. Vast 90% bots 😀

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Dans Libé d'aujourd'hui


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Débute sur Mastondon. Histoire du temps présent, John Zorn pour la musique, Vince Gilligan pour les séries. #Actu #Communs

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Gargron about the stickers : There was a 'resume order' option with I just pressed yesterday …